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xHashtag's Token ($XTAG) Gets Listed on KuCoin and

BANGALORE, India., Nov. 29, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- xHashtag is excited to announce that its long-awaited token launch, $XTAG token, is finally here. It is set to happen on November 30th on & This is a golden opportunity to be part of the revolutionary Future Of Work ecosystem. So far, xHashtag has just held its IDO on the 26th and 27th of this month. Once the token is listed, it will be a chance to trade and increase earnings.

xHashtag is the first-ever community accelerator project that revolutionizes the Future Of Work through its innovative strategies. The community can easily earn by participating in different activities on the platform while contributing to shaping the future of Web3. xHashtag acts as a platform that connects web3 projects to the community. The community can do on-chain and off-chain micro tasks to help the projects grow and, as a result, get rewards for that. The best part of it is that participants do not need any prior investments to do the tasks.

It is an excellent opportunity for companies with web 3 projects to grow their community and increase their engagement. Projects can leverage the immense community talent available on xHashtag to drive their community growth while rewarding their valuable actions in their own tokens. It is an excellent strategy for projects to increase its token distribution and attain a high ROI. xHashtag takes the company's worry on community engagement off the shoulders so that founders can shift their focus on building the product.

The platform aims to bring any user with an internet connection to the blockchain world and start earning cryptocurrency by investing time, not money. This mainly works well with countries where the pandemic has been worst-hit, and their economies are not doing well. It could help bridge the unemployment gap through the different tasks.

"There are new types of jobs incoming that we probably cannot imagine right now, and such jobs would require a new type of marketplace, and we are building decentralized infrastructure for it right now" -- said the CEO of xHashtag, Monica Durga.

To get started, the user (xTagger) has to register to receive tasks from the platform. It can be a wide variety of tasks depending on the web3 project's needs. It can be an off-chain task that the participants have to do outside the platform, such as on the project’s social media handles, or an on-chain task that takes place within the dApp itself. The project owner sets the eligibility criteria, which decide who will participate. xHashtag as a platform does not limit the number of tasks one can do in a day. A user has to accept the job on their timeline to do it. When the task is done, it will be reviewed by the DAO, post which the user will receive rewards in their wallet.

xHashtag has a vision of disrupting the Future Of Work by changing how work is executed. Unlike in the traditional setting where one had to do a fixed set of tasks, in a particular time and place, the platform gives workers the chance to work on anything and work from anywhere. There will also be reviews for the work done. The system has been made to be scalable in terms of the types of work that can be done. xHashtag is building a different type of marketplace for new types of jobs.

The $XTAG token is the main currency used in the xHashtag DAO. It is used for different utilities on the platform. Staking is one of the common ways it is used. Only through staking can users get access to XDPs, which fuels the platform's governance. Staking gives participants a priority in terms of being eligible for tasks launched by Web3 projects, though that will depend on their staking level.  Staking also allows users to turn into reviewers who can do performance checks on any completed tasks by users and get rewarded in $XTAG tokens.

xHashtag has received a good reception in the market so far. It has managed to build a robust community in a brief period of time by running its own Proof Of Concept with over 100k members in Telegram and Twitter.

Once the XTAG token is officially listed on the 30th, different users on the platform can participate in trading.

This is a chance to grab and be the change of the future of work!

About xHashtag

xHashtag is a DAO built on the Solana blockchain. It aims to disrupt the Future Of Work as users can earn cryptocurrency by completing on-chain or off-chain tasks. The platform targets Web3 projects by connecting them to the community to accelerate their growth. Projects can reward the participants with their own tokens and can choose to vest the rewards in order to balance off the sell pressure. Users can leverage the platform for extra earnings, while projects can enjoy community engagement while increasing their token distribution and ROI.

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