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HODL Games Crypto Token Launches Presale and Gets Sold Out Within Minutes

The $HDL Play & Earn token was just launched on 30th of November on Pancake swap! Interested crypto enthusiasts can buy now and join the multi-billion dollar GameFi industry!

New York, United States, Dec. 03, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Nowadays, GameFi tokens are an increasing trend in the crypto sphere. Having game tokens allows users to participate in the platform management and influence the decision making process of the projects. $HDL is a utility token of The HODL Games ecosystem. Holders will be able to play & earn daily rewards, to increase their token holdings! Earnings in games can be really effective, considering the fact that the value of some tokens reached more than $1000.

he HODL Games, is a new innovative crypto gaming token, which sold out within 10 minutes of the presale. The whitepaper and concept of the project impressed investors, who did not hesitate to become part of something big! The main highlights of the project are as follows.

1. The HODL Games token is a community driven DeFi project on Binance Smart Chain. All major decisions in the project are taken by holders using the state of the art voting system on the website. Holders login with their wallet and the system will detect the number of tokens they have. The more tokens they hold, the higher their voting power! The % reflections that will go to holders from each Sell transaction will be decided by the holders themselves! There is a weekly vote and the option with most votes will determine the outcome of the % reflections.

2. Cyber Wars Game- A play & earn game, where each holder has a % chance to increase their token holding by 0.5% if they win the game! If the game is lost, players don’t lose anything! The cyber war game is a card game inspired by the WAR card game.

3. NFT marketplace - Special Edition NFT’s which will grant holders special powers when playing the games. The cards can also be traded on the NFT marketplace.

4. Metaverse compatibility - Holders can purchase special edition Metaverse adapted skins which allow them to dive into the Metaverse as a cyborg from the HODL games.

The project impressed investors with a remarkable roadmap and target to reach 500 million market cap within a year! In addition, the creative team behind the project, who is responsible for the game trailers and graphics, has worked on some huge Hollywood productions such as Star Wars, Star Trek and multiple TV series! Make sure to check the official launch video, it is mind blowing!

About The HODL games team. They are a group of skilled developers, marketers, creative directors from all around the globe with vast experience in the crypto sphere. They have been working on other big crypto projects, where they gained the knowledge, drive, and aptitude to scale the HODL games project to the moon and beyond! Join their telegram channel and become part of the community!

Overall, the popularity of play & earn games increased significantly, creating new opportunities for investors. The blockchain solutions allow players to earn tokens for playing the games and use them to buy NFT’s to gain superpowers and exchange them for other cryptocurrencies or for fiat money in the NFT marketplaces.


CONTACT: Name: Peter Jackson
Email: [email protected]
Organization: HODL international