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Upstate Interactive Boosts Creaticles’ Launch Of Custom NFT Marketplace

The company helped build and launch Creaticles' marketplace on Ethereum with UI/UX design, Web3, and smart contract development.

Syracuse, NY, Dec. 01, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- (via Blockchain WireUpstate Interactive, a women-owned Web3 software development and consulting company, recently partnered with Creaticles to help launch the Creaticles NFT Marketplace on the blockchain.

Building off of Creaticles' existing back-end foundation and list of ideal features, Upstate Interactive leveraged its unique combination of UI/UX design, Web3, and smart contract development experience to help build and launch the marketplace on Ethereum. The custom NFT platform — notably the first of its kind — allows users to connect wallets, make requests for custom NFTs, submit proposals, confirm winners, and transfer cryptocurrencies.

“The NFT space is no longer only about transactions, but about community and creativity,” said Trevor Keith, CTO at Creaticles. “Our marketplace is encouraging collectors and artists to collaborate and bring new ideas to life in a fun, engaging way. Thanks to our combined efforts with Upstate Interactive, the marketplace is easy to navigate and enjoyable to use for everyone who joins the community.”

Previously, NFT collectors didn’t have an outlet to request custom NFTs from artists as traditional art collectors do. The Creaticles NFT Marketplace allows collectors to request custom NFTs and have them minted, rewarding artists via cryptocurrencies. 

In addition to connecting collectors with artists, the launch of Creaticles’ marketplace will contribute to the continued success of the NFT space — a market that’s experiencing a significant increase in demand.

About Upstate Interactive

Founded in 2016, Upstate Interactive is a women-owned Web3 software development and consulting company focused on building a better world with decentralized technology. With experience in blockchain and custom software development, the versatile team builds distributed applications and smart contracts on Ethereum, supporting DeFi, NFTs, DAOs, and diverse software projects for the modern enterprise. For more information on Upstate Interactive, please visit

About Creaticles

Creaticles is the blockchain industry's first custom NFT request platform that connects businesses and individuals with creators. Any enthusiast with an idea can request custom NFTs, and the artists who bring those ideas to life get to build their reputation and earn rewards via cryptocurrencies. Users can engage in various contest modes to ensure their requests for NFTs  — such as memes, logos, games, and web assets  — are minted as requested. For more information on Creaticles, please visit

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Upstate Interactive
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