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Upcoming Sports x Crypto Project: MiniSportZilla Backed by Pro Athletes and Carries Massive Benefits for Its Community

MiniSportZilla is hosting a pre-sale at PinkSale, with a Hardcap of 1500 BNB, the project has massive potential.

London, UK, Nov. 16, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- MiniSportZilla is an all-around sports enthusiast doggy created with the commitment of uniting variety of sports from around the world with the goal of creating and rewarding its outstanding community and believers, the biggest sports x crypto project that worth everyone’s attention.

The project is built under Binance Smart Chain and the project has several reckoned features from a token reflection where loyal hodlers receive $MINISPORTZ that grows over time, an entertaining play2earn all-around Sports Minigames where players can acquire $MINISPORTZ through achievements and milestones, an upcoming bonuses and interests from NFT and Marketplace, and the upcoming SportZilla TV streaming channel for every sports channel around the world, even better this shall be integrated with the blockchain and exclusive only for the holders.

MiniSportZilla is hosting a pre-sale at PinkSale, with a Hardcap of 1500 BNB, the project has massive potential. It is scheduled to happen on 21st November at 16:00UTC and the token launch is then followed at Pancakeswap the next day.

The main reason why MiniSportZilla is raving is that despite being at an early stage, they are acknowledged and well-supported by professional sport athletes, sports journalist and ex 3 times wrestler champion, they are:

  • Isaiah Thomas (Boston Celtics Legends in 2015-2017)
  • The well-known Professional basketball player that started his career on 2011 NBA draft pick.
  • Fabrizio Romano (Italian Footballer Journalist with 5+ million followers on IG)
  • A football-focused journalist from Italia, Fabrizio Romano supports MiniSportZilla.
  • Enes Kanter (Swiss-born Professional Basketball player)
  • Another NBA professional player who began his professional career in 2011 NBA draft pick.
  • Mick Foley (American Actor and Retired Professional Wrestler Champion)

Mostly known for his career in WWE as the 3x Champion, Michael Francis “Mick Foley” is an American actor who started his career in 1999 as a book author

The legitimate of this project and its future are no longer doubtful, we seek for future vision and carry massive supports from many well-known people. Making sure our stated promises are proven and sink in into those who trusted in MiniSportZilla.

MiniSportZilla Minigames

The all-in-one MiniSportZilla sports minigame will soon be available on MiniSportZilla. This game wraps up The Olympic-themed play2earn minigames where players can choose and enjoy their favorite sports game, whether you like rugby, baseball, badminton, tennis or any other Olympic sports, MiniSportZilla minigame has it all. The game also features play2earn $minisportz by collecting achievements and milestones throughout your gameplay. This minigame will soon be released on iOS and Android platform.

NFT Marketplace

The NFT Marketplace is another future plan of ours, the goal for this is to ensure the holders convenient in finding what they need in one single platform. The early Meme Token with Rewards and NFT Integration way before token launch. MiniSportZilla seeks to bring out greater Meme-Token vibes by digging deeper into the NFT Market. We are currently launching 6 Premiere NFT, and it is only a small peek of what will come next on MiniSportZilla’s project. The NFT will later be integrated with the minigames that will soon be launched. This allows holders to have their own NFT for every sports game mode selected. This NFT project is extensive for the future of MiniSportZilla in general as NFT Marketplace will also dropped in further down the roadmap.

SportZilla TV

MiniSportZilla will also feature the one-in-all sport streaming platform for your favorite sports exclusively for its loyal holders. The SportZilla TV will be the place for you to fulfill your need over sports content live from our platform, all of your favorite sports such as Football, Basketball, Rugby, Soccer, American Football, Badminton, Table Tennis, Swimming, Athletics, and so many more, are here in one platform. The SportZilla TV will be your one stop streaming service for every sports channel from around the world.


  1. Phase 1 – Warm-ups: The project development, design and concept, as well as the introduction towards the commencement of projects featured over here.
  2. Phase 2 – Exhibition: Massive marketing campaign, and collaboration happens here, and this marks as their exposure phase.
  3. Phase 3 – Elimination Stage – More Marketing and in the same time, the project is establishing its real value to the public.
  4. Phase 4 – Quarter Final – Major introduction to advanced features is set to launch here, and the project continues to strive.
  5. Phase 5 – Finals and Further Beyond – The final phase to established its features and introducing wallet, swap, and own exchange.

Massive Giveaways

MiniSportZilla will be giving remarkable rewards for its lucky top holders such as Samsung phones, PS5’s, and exclusive Signed Sport Shirts during its early stages and massive Tesla giveaway for its lucky top holder, this way MiniSportZilla will always be in touch with its believers by constantly providing updates and sweet desserts for its community.

The giveaways varies from PS5, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3, signed football shirt, and a unit of Tesla. These will be happening en route to the rise of the project over.


Powered by its BEP20 $MFLOKIADA, can be purchased on the PancakeSwap upon launch, Uniswap purchase will be available on latter stages. There are a total of 1 trillion $MINISPORTZ, and great tokenomics that involves the old school reflections. With so many mega influencers backing the project, you better brace yourself for the best project on the crypto space.

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