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Tonner-One Shareholder Letter: Tonner-One Steers towards Fast-Growth Fintec, Defi and Cryptocurrency Exchange

KATY, TX, Nov. 18, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Tonner-One World Holdings, Inc “the Company” (OTC: TONR TWTR: @TonnerOne), an aggressive FinTech development company, is pleased to present the CEO Introduction Letter to Shareholders.


Dear Shareholders,

As a shareholder of Tonner-One World Holdings, Inc., you are receiving this letter to inform you of a recent decision by your company’s Board of Directors to transform its business model to precisely focus on acquisitions and operation of businesses and assets in the fast-growth Fintec growth industry.

We’re presently, actively reviewing merger and acquisition candidates, operating cryptocurrency exchange, Defi or Fintec businesses, to join us in our journey into the rapidly expanding Crypto Fintech industry.

This decision – to pursue acquisitions and operation of businesses and assets in the fast-growth Fintec growth industry - will affect the shareholders in your company. Therefore, this letter is being sent to all shareholders to explain this decision, the reasons behind it, and how it will affect you as a shareholder.

Background Information

Since October 1, 20108, 2016, One World Holdings, Inc. which changed its name to Tonner-One World Holdings, Inc. on April 8, 2016, has been focused on designing and marketing dolls. Shifting the company’s focus from doll design and marketing to operating cryptocurrency exchange, Defi or Fintec businesses would not be an easy task.

Over the years, the Company has been a provider of multi-cultural doll products to the specialty, affinity and mass merchandise retail marketplace via a focus of direct and online sales platforms. The company combined a play model with a socially impactful message for young girls and their self-image awareness and development.

Abandoning doll-making business model to jump into fast-paced, fast-growth Fintec transformation requires patience, hard-work and dedication to achieve and thrive.

It requires a meticulous evaluation process, where we’ll be reviewing candidates that will best promote value for both the Company and Shareholders.

Intermediate tasks ahead

As intermediate tasks goes, we’ll deal with the following along the line:

  • Clear out all remaining toxic notes through negotiations or litigations
  • Identify and cancel improperly issued shares
  • Acquisitions, acquisitions, and more acquisitions
  • Engage PCAOB auditors to prepare Co for QB uplisting
  • Smoothly integrate acquired businesses

We will provide active updates and announcements as we secure profitable acquisitions. As a fast-paced Fintec growth company, we’re committed to our goals and aggressive with upcoming deadlines.

We’re also reaffirming our commitment to NO Reverse Splits and No Dilutions except to finance acquisitions or hire important talent.

Welcome on Board to new Tonner-One and thank you for your patience as we lay the foundation for the next few months for a new Tonner-One World Holdings, Inc.


Ejike Arinze

About Tonner-One World Holdings, Inc.

Tonner-One World Holdings, Inc is an actively expanding Fintech company seeking acquisitions with an emphasis on Crypto and Crypto Exchanges with the most potential for future growth.

For more information, please check the latest updates on the company's Twitter account Email: [email protected]

Notice Regarding Forward Looking Statements

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