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Roupa Nova Lead Guitarist, Kiko Pereira, Launches Brazil's First Responsibly Minted™ NFT

UREEQA to provide a Package of Proof for the musician’s exclusive NFT to ensure authenticity, ownership and originality

BRAZIL, Aug. 12, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- (via Blockchain wireUREEQA (, a blockchain platform for protecting, managing and monetizing creative work, today announced it will provide a Package of Proof for Roupa Novas lead guitarist Kiko Pereira’s exclusive NFT. The sale is being executed by Abrakazum in partnership with UREEQA, the exclusive worldwide provider of Responsibly Minted™ NFTs. UREEQA’s Package of Proof mints the work as a Validated NFT, certifying the ownership, authorship and originality of Pereira’s creative work.

As a Validated NFT, Pereira’s work will be displayed in the UREEQA Premium Protected Collection, where anyone can see the validation steps taken to certify the NFT. Additionally, a one-way hash of the Package of Proof will be permanently written to the Ethereum blockchain. The detailed Package of Proof ensures buyers that the NFT was only minted after the source creative work was thoroughly validated.

Pereira will tokenize an exclusive autographed guitar from his collection, used in the recording of the “Roupa Nova em Londres” DVD at the iconic Abbey Road Studios -- the DVD won the Latin Grammy Award for Best Portuguese Language Contemporary Pop Album -- plus a certificate of authenticity signed by the guitarist, as well as a stunning piece of crypto art in a unique and exclusive NFT.

“I immediately connected with the project brought to me by Abrakazum, as I have always been a musician interested in technology,'' said Kiko Pereira. “NFTs allow a new kind of interaction between artists and their fan base, and I’m excited to work with UREEQA, a team that values both creativity and ownership.”

“Music is one of the expertises at Abrakazum and it’s a privilege to bring to the market an NFT by one of Brazil’s most prominent guitar players,” said Kelpo Gils, founder of Abrakazum. “NFTs are a digital revolution that artists, athletes, celebrities and brands are adopting. It’s a new way to create and sell art on the internet; and we’re thrilled to be a part.”

“UREEQA is helping create security and transparency for both Creators and those purchasing creative works,” said Harsch Khandelwal, CEO of UREEQA. “We’re working to solve the long standing issue of copyright protection and verification, and are thrilled to host Kiko Pereira’s NFT auction to help him accomplish this for his work.”

The NFT will launch on August 12. To enter the auction site, click here. To learn more about UREEQA, please visit

UREEQA ( is a blockchain-based platform dedicated to building a robust Package of Proof for minting validated NFTs that represent creative rights. Creators can securely upload and store their content on UREEQA and submit their content to the UREEQA Premium Protected Collection for added protection. An NFT will be minted for each creation that is validated on UREEQA and it will serve as the creator’s immutable claim to their work. Each NFT will be tied to a creator’s Package of Proof stored on the blockchain, which will document authenticity and ownership. 

Created by the music producers Raphael Lós, Kelpo Gils and Juno Moraes in 2015, ABRAKAZUM ENTRETENIMENTO operates in different business verticals as an agency, a production company, a record label and a publisher. Specialized in the music industry, Abrakazum is focused on creation, artistic supervision, musical marketing, and career management. The company is a solution hub for quality artistic content production and product development with emphasis in new technologies. Abrakazum is UREEQA’s Premium Partner in Brazil. 

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