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OMAX TOKEN has created much hype ever since its exclusive launch in the Crypto world

OMAX TOKEN was displayed on a 200' tall billboard in the heart of Times Square, within 72 hours of its launch on November 3rd, for a full week implying its complete success in the crypto world.

London, United Kingdom, Nov. 22, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The existing systems of finance that are being used worldwide every day will most surely need to implement cryptocurrency funds into their services. OMAX Blockchain will satisfy that need as the world adopts cryptocurrency as an everyday means of payment.

The initial launch of the Omax Token spike turned many private sale investors into millionaires overnight, many of which cashed out - which then led to panic selling, of course. Nearly 20,000 investors held OMAX in their portfolios during this first pump that achieved an ATH of $.06 with a $600,000,000 market cap making 600 million dollars!

The chart spanning back to launch may seem as though the project is over after the large selloff. But if investors take a closer look, OMAX TOKEN has been emerging as the leading cryptocurrency since the exclusive launch by witnessing numerous factors; the number of investors is now up to nearly 30,000 and steadily climbing. Secondly, the quickly-established support level, albeit significantly less than the initial spike, is still between 50 and 60x from the launch price, which becomes apparent when users realize that the first pump was nearly 250x.

Moreover, public support was gathered for OMAX TOKEN from two major influencers, B Praak and Urvashi Rautela, with a collective hoard of 50 million followers. And at last, the token was listed on HotBot Exchange. It's delightful news for all the investors of the OMAX token that it isn't even two weeks old, and they are already listed on an exchange.

Moving forward, according to the OMAX owner himself, OMAX has billboards planned throughout New Zealand and in Manila this upcoming week. OMAX Token currently resides on the Binance Smart Chain. Still, the team has full intention to develop the OMAX Blockchain to integrate users' crypto assets into already-established e-commerce and shopping cart systems used worldwide.

The experts of Omax are also developing the OMAX Swap and OMAX Vault that are soon due. The OMAX Blockchain is docketed to be on test net in several months - and on mainnet in Q4 2022. Investing in OMAX Token now ensures early adoption into their native space-redefining Blockchain.

To see if Omax Token hype is real, determined crypto enthusiasts can visit as OMAX is here to stay. For more information, Please head over to their Telegram and Twitter


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