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Meet Puppy Token: A New Doge Primed to Fetch Fortune

Puppy Token is the newest cryptocurrency project that has a dual purpose of rewarding its users while also helping all the pups in need out there

Burnaby, BC, Canada , Nov. 25, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Puppy Token, which is already being listed in CoinGecko, CoinMarketCap, and DexTools, crypto enthusiasts are excited to see what this puppy can do, and the road is paved with exciting milestones ahead

Community is important to Puppy Token which puts a premium on creating a safe and interactive space for all $PUPPY holders. The foremost intention of Puppy Token is to show active appreciation, support, and a welcoming space where users feel safe in their decision to hold and exchange cryptocurrencies. Puppy Token has tapped into the innovative and engaging developments of blockchain, by establishing an elaborate reward system for all $PUPPY token holders in the form of the native token.

Puppy Token has a finite supply of 1 Trillion tokens, where for every token acquisition there is a 10% transaction fee that is allocated as follows:

● 5% Marketing Fee
● 4% Development Fee
● 1% Redistribution to the Community for Long-Term Support.

Giving Back

As a response to Corporate Social Responsibility and giving back in a meaningful way, Puppy Token will stay true to its inspiration and exercise its revenue model clauses to helping puppies in need of food, shelter, and homes. By helping puppies around the world, Puppy Token plans to make quite a notable difference!

The RoadMap of Puppy Token is paved with quite a few milestones! Puppy Token plans to form partnerships with globally renowned dog care centers to donate to the puppies in need. Upon the garnering of 10k members, the Puppy Token merchandise store will open its doors.

A long-term goal of Puppy Token is to integrate the puppy NFTs into the metaverse, which as every future project carries an exciting journey moving forward.

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Phone: +1 489 65897