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How to Profit from DeFi 2.0 with Blizz Finance

Blizz Finance is a DeFi 2.0 protocol that cuts user fees on other protocols in half.

New York City, Dec. 07, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- (Blockchain Wire) Cryptocurrencies have facilitated the growth of decentralized finance (DeFi). However, not all of these protocols provide choices that are in the best interests of their users.

Blizz Finance capitalized on these flaws and devised a DeFi protocol that outperforms other well-known protocols.

Some facts about Blizz Finance

Blizz Finance is a decentralized non-custodial liquidity protocol that lets people lend or borrow. On its website, contributors may earn passive income while those in need can apply for funding in various ways.

It can exploit the Avalanche network's scalability and cheap cost per operation.

Unlike AAVE, Blizz Finance does not maintain governance systems and operates via central processes. Fees are used for token exchange and profit margins for users and liquidity providers, and are completely transparent.

Token BLZZ: Properties

Blizz Finance's token, BLZZ, emerges as the core of the dynamics inside its ecosystem and gives the idea that makes the DeFi protocol unique compared to other competitors.

That means 1,000,000,000 BLZZ will be created, with 50% of the profits going to the protocol's users, both lenders and borrowers. Unlike AAVE, which capitalizes all profits.

On the distribution of BLZZ, of the 1,000,000,000 units:

  • 50% is destined for lenders and borrowers loan applicants, distributed over a period of five years.
  • 20% earmarked as an incentive for BLZZ /AVAX liquidity providers through TraderJoe. This will also be done over a five-year period.
  • 10% for Airdrop campaigns and incentives to other associated DeFi communities., this for a minimum of one year.
  • 15% will be used to finance the development team.
  • The remaining 5% will be part of the treasury.

DeFi 2.0: Dex Liquidity Property Protocol (BLZZ-PODL)

Furthermore, Blizz has already entered DeFi 2.0 by offering a novel liquidity method that outperforms prior DeFi protocols. It's about the protocol's liquidity, which guards against whale investor migration, fixing the present major issue of impermanent loss.

AVAX's treasury incentives are now sent to this new smart contract using the PODL module. This allows users to sell their tokens to the protocol for 10% more. This preserves protocol liquidity and makes BLZZ deflationary.

DeFi protocol fee comparison:

Just take the 50%, the other half goes to the users    
All 100% goes to AAVE
Premium 25%0%

Liquidity mining

Users may stake their assets, and the prizes will be disbursed throughout the three months that the funds remain vested. The money is not unavailable, since the user has complete control over them, even if a fine system is employed for 50% of the assets.

This makes no sense since the penalty imposed on customers who need to withdraw their cash will be shared among those who maintain their funds for the specified period. This encourages stakeholder commitment, rewarding those who follow the rules and penalizing those who do not.

It is important to note that everyone who participates in the Staking program with BLZZ can claim their rewards at any time, without any penalty.

The lending system

Finally, the loan system enables users to lend their bitcoin capital to people in need of cash in exchange for a guarantee and agreed-upon interest.

Anyone seeking a loan must pay it back with the same asset plus interest. If you accept the duty, you should be informed that additional interest may accumulate and your guarantee may be liquidated.

Non-compliance with the conditions increases a certain indicator, which at a certain point demands the liquidation of the guarantee to compensate the lender. This seeks to establish fair conditions for all parties without using a third party.

Cutting fees in half

Unlike other DeFi protocols, Blizz Finance and the BLZZ token are fully decentralized, using the Avalanche network's scalability, dependability, and low operating expenses, cutting Fees for market-leading DeFi protocols in half. 

For more information about Blizz Finance, the BLZZ token, and the platform's goods and services, please visit their website and social media accounts:


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