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Epazz CryObo Blockchain Launches the Official Greenheart Mobile App with CBD Token as its Central Utility

Greenheart CBD mobile app provides farmers, businesses, and buyers of CBD products easy and secured access and transactions using CBD tokens.

Chicago, Illinois, Nov. 16, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via NewMediaWire -- Epazz Inc. (OTC Pink: EPAZ): Epazz CryObo Blockchain Technology, a mission-critical software innovation provider, in partnership with Greenheart CBD, a CBD tech company, announced today the official launching of its B2B and B2C mobile app platform that connects the Greenheart CBD Token Ecosystem to the investors, customers, and farmers.

Android users can now start exploring the Greenheart CBD mobile app, which can be downloaded at Google Play and soon at the App Store for iOS users. The app aims to serve not only business to business but also customers and farmers.

Mobile App

The Epazz CryObo Blockchain Technology allows the tokenization of Greenheart CBD products with CBD tokens as its central currency. The mobile app is running on Binance Smart Chain, utilizing Binance Coin (BNB) as gas.

The Greenheart CBD Token Ecosystem starts with the customers looking to buy CBD products and uses the mobile app for their purchase. Using the app, they are entitled to a 40% discount when they pay with CBD tokens. The 10% of the accumulated sales will return as a stake to keep the mobile app running. With a projected increase in its annual percentage yield (APY), the staking pools will fund partner farms to switch to a more high-value crop: hemp for CBD production.

The mobile app will allow users to scan Greenheart CBD's product barcode and provide a detailed seed-to-sale summary. Users can view where the product came from, which farm it originated from, and how it processes the products. Customers and resellers are assured of the quality of the CBD products they are buying through the transparency that notarization by the Constellation Network provides.

Epazz CryObo-Greenheart partnership plans to launch version two (v2.0) of the app to provide an exclusive portal for farmers. Farm businesses can apply directly to become Greenheart CBD partners through the app. Once they become an official partner with the company, they can access everything they need to transition to CBD farming. Partner farms will receive seeds, drones, modular extraction units, and packaging, as well as ongoing training and expertise. Verified and approved farmers can add their shops to the map using the mobile app and sell their products globally. The mobile app also makes it easier to reach customers through its customers’ base.

Security is a critical factor for maintaining a trusted cryptocurrency platform. That's why Greenheart uses CerTik and Skynet to ensure mobile app security to ease its users. CerTik technology will power the token security analysis. CerTik will audit the tokens to identify their volatileness and the Greenheart team will fix them before becoming a potential problem. CBD tokens will represent a lasting solution for the CBD industry and increase their value over time by eliminating possible issues.

Skynet, on the other hand, oversees the monitoring of smart contracts for a security threat. Skynet will scan the CBD token for vulnerabilities and assess the Security Score. This will effectively prevent potential attackers from entering the system and avoid damages to the smart contacts. This will ensure that the CBD token is always safe and secure for users in or outside the Greenheart CBD app.

About CryObo, Inc.
CryObo, Inc. will be enhancing the software to give companies that are interested in launching their IEO an easier way to create and modify their smart contracts without needing a programmer. CryObo will continue developing cryptocurrency software, which will help with managing IEOs' projects, crypto assets for large financial firms and the accounting assets of crypto assets. The growth of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is bringing new regulations for large financial service companies, which will need a smart solution to manage their growing portfolios.

About Epazz Inc. (
Epazz Inc. is a leading cloud-based software company that specializes in providing customized cloud applications to the corporate world, higher-education institutions, and the public sector. Epazz BoxesOS v3.0 is the complete business web-based software package for small to midsize businesses, Fortune 500 enterprises, government agencies, and higher education institutions. BoxesOS provides a combination of many of the web-based applications that an organization would otherwise need to purchase separately. Epazz's other products are DeskFlex (a room scheduling software) and Provitrac (an applicant tracking system).

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