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Empire Token - Empire Token Plans To Expand Its Ecosystem With A Revolutionary DEX

Los Angeles, California, United States, Nov. 16, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The token has already launched its own NFT Marketplace, moving forward with their ambitious road map for 2021

Empire Token offers two unique opportunities for investors:

  • 1. Empire Token’s DEX Exchange, Goosebumps, an all in one decentralized exchange for traders and crypto holders that provides advanced charting, portfolio trackers, and social networking features.
  • 2. Use of other features such as easy FIAT to Crypto conversions (and vice versa), Swap (Binance Smart Chain), Add Liquidity, and Staking and Farming Tools, with Cross Chain Swapping to be made possible with future Goosebumps DEX updates.

Empire Token (EMPIRE), a token born on the Binance Smart Chain, reveals its plans to upgrade its ecosystem even more in the last quarter of this year with Goosebumps, an innovative decentralized exchange that offers a sleek user interface with intuitive navigation designed to be easy to use for beginners and powerful enough for veteran traders and holders. The DEX allows traders to easily manage their portfolios, track everything from trades to profits to losses, and set their preferences in one place, allowing them to trade quickly and securely with no hassles. Empire Token’s CEO and Founder, Dulla, recently shared on the token’s official Telegram group a blueprint for what will be the second use case built for the token’s ecosystem in less than 60 days. Important listings on exchanges such as WhiteBit, Ibank, and XT are already happening. The token has also already launched its own NFT marketplace, fulfilling holders expectations as they continue moving forward with their ambitious road map for 2021. 

The already launched Empire NFT Marketplace, the first of a constellation of use cases for the Empire Ecosytem (EE) is live, with users already minting and trading their crypto assets. As of today, users can use BNB (Binance Coin) or Empire Token (Empire) as payment for minting or trading, but the application will soon become multi-chain with Ethereum and Solana integrations expected later this month, an enticing development for investors who are looking for the next big utility token to include in their portfolios. 

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“Empire’s vision is carved in its own name: We crave the top and are climbing for it by building safe, market-driven applications and solutions. Our dApps include an innovative NFT marketplace, followed by dozens of integrations currently in production. It has always been our goal to bridge the gap between the crypto world and the real world as the latter gradually adapts to cryptocurrency. We aim to do this by integrating strong use cases into the token that will bring value not only to the whole DeFi and blockchain ecosystem but also the real world.” - The Empire Token team

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