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Crypto Investors are Trying to Buy a Private Island and Tokenize It’s Ownership

NASSAU, The Bahamas, Dec. 06, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Thanks to the innovative structure of the Crypto Island DAO and the power of crypto crowdfunding it may become reality that you co-own an island in the Bahamas by using tokenized ownership. This unique way of ownership is never used on this scale which makes it very attractive to a lot of persons in the crypto world. By making it very accessible you can already participate with holding at least 1 token from the DAO.

The goal is Little Whale Cay in the Berry Islands. With an asking price of $35 million USD and its 93-acre of land it creates lots of possibilities for the investors of this island. The first island will solely be owned by all the participants of the Crypto Island Group. Crypto Island has now over 22,000 members and many expect this number to multiply in the coming months.

Members of the Crypto Island Dao community are eager to kick off life in Little Whale Cay. According to its Dutch founders, the crypto-driven island will be nothing like the world has ever seen. It will provide various opportunities for its members to learn, work and enjoy life. Little Whale Cay will be run from the transaction fees that Crypto Island Dao charges on its own currency, Cisla. It is said that the co-owners will be at liberty to visit the island and stay via timesharing.

Cryptocurrency is currently metamorphosing into one of the most exciting tech breakthroughs since the internet was invented. Crypto Island Dao is making strides into becoming one of the leaders in this new way of crowdfunding thanks to the crypto currency and purchasing something with a community of people.

Just like Little Whale Cay, members of the community will benefit immensely from sticking around and taking action where necessary.

Crypto Island Dao was born after the enormous success that ConstitutionDAO had, where thanks to crypto and online crowdfunding a group of people tried to buy a page of the American constitution from an auction.

Without a doubt, the public will be on the lookout for when Little Whale Cay launches officially. For more information about Little Whale Cay and Crypto Island Dao, use the media contact outlets below.

Dan Bouwer

Crypto Island Group Inc.
[email protected] 

Twitter: @Cryptoislandinc