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Trading Cryptocurrencies through a Forex Broker

Trading Cryptocurrencies through a Forex BrokerIs it possible to trade cryptocurrency on a forex or CFD platform? In a nutshell, yes you can. When opposed to trading the underlying commodity on a cryptocurrency exchange, there are significant differences that apply to crypto trading on FX and CFD platforms that must be properly considered. How are Cryptocurrencies Traded on Forex/CFD Exchanges? It should be mentioned that most forex/CFD platforms trade cryptocurrency contracts... ❯❯❯

Top 8 NFT marketing agencies to get huge limelight to your NFT

Top 8 NFT marketing agencies to get huge limelight to your NFTMore than collectibles, now NFTs are serving all possible utilities. They aid and support various different professionals and various businesses, such as NFT for art. The NFT’s influence in the crypto market is very strong. It emerged as an instance from the blockchain and crypto space, but when time flies, NFT has made its own market where its instances are now a billion-dollar business model. Many are showing interest in NFTs, the... ❯❯❯

SuperRare Clone: How to launch an NFT Art Marketplace Like SuperRare?

SuperRare Clone: How to launch an NFT Art Marketplace Like SuperRare?“Genuine, Precious, and Unique” are the 3 special qualities of the SuperRare NFT trading platform. Operating on the sturdy Ethereum blockchain, it is now the center for selling authentic digital artwork. Content creators across the world can organize exhibitions and special releases on the online marketplace. SuperRare is undoubtedly a record-setter. 1460 users purchased and bought art pieces worth $22.48 million in the last 30 days... ❯❯❯ recommends using only verified wallets to avoid the loss of digital assets

If you decide to convert your savings into cryptocurrency(exchange for electronic money) or start earning cryptocurrency, you will need to choose a reliable wallet for storing it. Without such a repository, the accumulation or use of an alternative monetary unit is impossible, because it does not have a material embodiment, exists and develops in the vastness of the blockchain network. Using an online wallet is very convenient for new... ❯❯❯

Top four rules to invest in the crypto trading industry

Investing money in the crypto industry has become a very challenging task. If you look at experienced traders, you will notice that all of them have extensive analytical skills. They never invest their hard-earned money without following fixed sets of rules. Things will be challenging and you will often become frustrated with your actions. But you should never lose hope while learning to trade the market. Learning the art of currency... ❯❯❯

5 Reasons Why Blockchain Money Transfers Are on the Rise

5 Reasons Why Blockchain Money Transfers Are on the RiseBlockchain technology has become a popular topic in the business world. With all of the talk about cryptocurrencies, many people are now interested in blockchain technology. It is revolutionizing the way money is transferred. Because blockchain technology provides a plethora of benefits that traditional methods don't offer. For example, if you want to convert CAD to Naira, you have to visit a money exchange transfer. But in the... ❯❯❯

5 Reasons Why Buying Crypto is Easier Than Buying Stocks

5 Reasons Why Buying Crypto is Easier Than Buying StocksCryptocurrencies are becoming the latest frontier of finance, and Wall Street is taking care. People are always discussing the next big ICOs, engaging in blockchain technologies, and also incorporating cryptocurrency into their portfolios. Through its ups and downs, cryptocurrency is always going high. In fact, it's safe to say that cryptocurrency is becoming a more common phenomenon. Also, large investment banks, such as Merrill... ❯❯❯

Cryptocurrency Stellar (XLM) and its forecast for 2021

Cryptocurrency Stellar (XLM) and its forecast for 2021Stellar cryptocurrency is a universal platform that allows transactions with payment instruments. XLM cryptocurrency entered the crypto market in 2015. A detailed study of this cryptocurrency shows that it is a clone of Ripple. At the same time, the creators of this currency eliminated a number of shortcomings inherent in its predecessor. Stellar cryptocurrency differs from its progenitor by the following advantages: The implementat... ❯❯❯

China’s Crackdown on Cryptocurrencies

China’s Crackdown on CryptocurrenciesChina's crackdown on cryptocurrencies is not new. China has targeted Bitcoin since 2013, banning financial institutions from processing Bitcoin transactions, and over the years the country has repeated its crackdown on the crypto market. China's Crackdown on Bitcoin in 2013 In 2013, China banned Chinese banks from handling Bitcoin. According to the statement published at the time, Bitcoin was classified as a "special virtual... ❯❯❯

What are NFTs? Here's the breakdown you need to know about the new Crypto Collectibles

What are NFTs? Here's the breakdown you need to know about the new Crypto CollectiblesIntroduction If you keep in touch with news from the finance sector, you may have heard about NFTs. They sure made a stir when a collage composed of 5,000 digital pieces, created by Mike Winkelmann, an artist known as Beeple, was auctioned for a whopping 69 million USD. Since then, NFTs have made many such appearances on the news such as Nyan Cat being sold for 172,000 USD or a New York Times column earning half a million dollars in... ❯❯❯